Job and Vocational Counseling

What is job and vocational counseling, and which practices are applied within the scope of this activity?
Job and vocational counseling helps young individuals who are at the stage of choosing job and occupation and will start vocational education within the dimension of vocational counseling , and those who will just start to work for the first time, who are unemployed for a long-time, unemployed people receiving unemployment insurance allowance, adults who want to acquire, change, and advance in a profession within the dimension of job counseling through individual and group counseling and making them be conscious about importance of their job and vocational choices,gain information about workplaces, vocations and education opportunities and recognize themselves. Also, trainings for the development of job searching skills such as job searching and keeping, interview with employer, and preparing a CV are offered to help the unemployed people applied to the Agency within the scope of job counseling and searching a job, last year students of vocational training centers, vocational high schools, vocational schools of higher education and universities, as well as private and noncommissioned officers about to complete their military service. Job and vocational counseling services are provided in all provincial directorates and service points of İŞKUR.

What is vocational data center, who benefits it in what way?

Vocational Data Center is a place where information about vocations and training places is found, and the data that would help those who are at the stage of choosing a vocation and a training place make conscious decisions are gathered. The people mentioned below may benefit from vocational data centers:
- Those who are at the stage of choosing a vocation,
- Those who want to get information about occupations, trainings of which are offered in vocational training centers and vocational training courses, 
- Adults who already have a vocation and want to advance in that vocation or change their vocation,
- Counselors, school administrators, parents and anyone who wants to learn about vocations and training facilities.
One can apply to Vocational Data Centers individually or in group. Group interviews are held in the center upon counselors’ request, and trainees are provided with detailed information about the importance of the choice of vocation, and from which resources occupational data can be obtained.

What kind of information sources are there in Vocational Data Centers?

In Vocational Data Centers:
- Vocational information files,
- General and regional education-teaching information files,
- Introductory books on the vocations of engineering, healthcare, law, teaching, tourism, art and sports, as well as less-known vocations and apprenticeship vocations,
- Printed and visual promotional material of universities and schools of higher education,
- Promotional posters, brochures, booklets, etc. on the services of Vocational Data Centers.

Have you got any educational-introductory works for schools?

Agency’s services for schools are services of vocational data centers and vocational counseling. Job and Vocational Consultants visit schools, have interviews with school administrators and counselors, and give information about vocational counseling services, and have interviews on the cooperation to make students benefit from these services. Introductory works are supported with posters and brochures prepared by the Agency.

Do you support schools?

In order to enable students gain information about vocations and training places, vocational data centers were established, and students were able to use information resources for free in these centers. Also, counselors of schools are given introductory materials such as printed documents to introduce vocations, introductory posters, brochures, and booklets to introduce vocational data center and job and vocational counseling. In this way, students are informed and directed to the Agency.

How do you help people at the stage of choosing a vocation?

While the individuals at the stage of choosing a vocation are provided with counseling service, they are helped to know themselves and learn about vocations and training places and finally decide by comparing the characteristics of themselves with qualifications and conditions required by vocations.

Having examined and assessed all options, the individual now heads for a training place where he/she can acquire the information, skills, and habits he/she needs for the vocation he/she chooses. At the stage of choosing a vocation, these activities cannot be realized by these individuals alone. Individuals are offered help within job and vocational counseling services at all stages mentioned before in order not to leave individuals’ choice of vocation to chance and to consider all alternatives to be encountered.

Some assessment and evaluation instruments are used within the scope of counseling services to help individuals to identify e personal characteristics. The Agency uses the Vocational Orientation Battery as a complementary instrument of this service.

The purpose of applying Vocational Orientation Battery is to support individuals about realizingand developing their interests, tendencies, and skills, thus help them to clear up their options visualizing their vocational alternatives. This instrument aims at helping individuals to learn about different vocations and their own personal traits, and find the most appropriate vocation for themselves. People can come to the Agency to try out this test and evaluate its results with job and vocational counselors of the Agency.

Are the individuals at the stage of choosing a a vocation told for which vocation they are fit within the framework of job and vocational counseling services?

Individuals at the stage of choosing a vocation aren’t told for which vocation they are fit. Individuals themselves decide about the vocation they will choose. This principle is an important point of particular emphasis. Individuals are helped to recognize themselves better through interviews at the stage of individual counseling. Their school achievements, leisure activities, sociocultural status, physical conditions, studying habits, social attitudes, and other similar information help them recognize themselves better. Any lack of knowledge is resolved, and the individuals are assisted with proper knowledge. They are also helped to evaluate the knowledge they acquired and reach a conclusion with regard to their choices of vocation. An individual already becomes aware of the importance of choosing a vocation during the counseling process and arrives the stage of taking his/her own decisions.